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Looking back 08.17.06

Sat Mar 31, 2012, 3:00 PM
All work 100% digital free.
Any manipulation has been done either in camera (occasionally)
or in darkroom (usually).
Represented by Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

FOLLOW MY BLOG - I have so few people it is sad.

It is here -
It would be nice if you paid a visit.


why is it I can't recognize anyone anymore

And lest the new inspire us to forget those that came before:

The precious child- this is where I began.
'31 visual attempts at a justification for suicide.'
'Drowning, not waving'
The Strange Child.
But it is a hopeful little tome

The Best I Have to Give

It is 76 pages, 4/4 full colour press printing. The cover is handmade with printed title and Indian handmade cornflower paper. Some people will get more flowers than others. You know how I like flowers.
I punched and comb bound each one myself.
And it is as cheap as it can be, again thanks to the kindness of strangers.
$26 includes US shipping + handling.
(I never actually charge for handling or really understand what handing is but it sounds more professional.)
$31 includes International shipping (any country).
This is the best I have to give.
I'll sign it if you want.
You know how to reach me.

Page Illustrations can be seen here:…
RJL7983 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
I take it this is the last journal you will every write in this life. It is a severe understatement to say this account is the synergistic mixture of archeological interface/digital tombstone/legacy that will most likely be readily evident even to the first colonizers of an extrasolar world. Your work deserves to be displayed so much more than it has been afforded by a previously limited audience. Just coming upon this page is privilege enough; no need to reply to this obviously because the nature of a one-way connection of minds is enjoyment enough knowing the caliber of your work. If you only knew the true dimensions of what you have done with your talent. 
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